Brice and Mitzvah are the type of people that can get along with anyone. They are so easy going, kind, compassionate and helpful. And to be honest, I’m counting down the seconds til they have babies because…holy cow. They’re gonna be freaking gorgeous. Did I mention that Brice is my baby brother?? Well, he is. And I’m so beyond thankful he found such a gem of a fiancé in Mitzvah.

We took these pictures on top of Loveland Pass in Colorado. It was such a perfect night and God painted the most beautiful sunset for these pictures. I kept on yelling at Mitzvah, “YASSSS GIRL. You’re a fire hot tamale!!” Haha seriously though, they brought IT for this shoot. By the end of the shoot we were completely frozen but it was totally worth it. Can’t wait to celebrate their wedding in MEXICO next year!