Celebrating a month - it's a big deal, right?

Okay, so it's not that big of a deal.  Being married just a month is not a huge accomplishment (let's be honest).  But it is reason to celebrate.  

Drew and I ran away to the mountains for (mostly) work and some play.  We decided to celebrate our little *one month anniversary* haha...if there is such a thing...by having a little adventure!

The guys at San Juan ATV Rentals in Silverton, CO rented these to us in the morning, and, four hours later we were returning them to the shop.  We were covered in mud, looking like I got pulled out of a vacuum (my hair was essentially one dread lock), and I was beaming.  The deserted trails, stunning views and deafening silence was absolutely incredible.  

My new, "If you're ever in Colorado you have to do THIS":

Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer
Silverton Colorado wedding photographer

Silverton, you're cute. 

Silverton Colorado Wedding
Silverton Colorado Photographer

I chose to ride the red one because it's cuter. haha

Silverton Colorado Wedding

All the wildflowers.  In FULL bloom.

Silverton Colorado Engagement Photographer

Cheers to all the big (and not so big) anniversaries, random adventures, and racing each other down mountains.