Proposal - Denver Ice Skating Rink

Grant contacted me a few days before Christmas and described how he wanted to propose to his beautiful girlfriend while on military leave.  We went back and forth about which ice skating rink would fit them and his vision the best.  In the end, he decided this urban ice rink in the heart of Denver was the perfect place to ask her to be his forever.

It felt like I was going on a blind date - searching the crowd for this couple that I have a picture of, but have never seen in real life.  Then I finally I saw them: this cute pair in the midst of the crowd.  Grant gave me a quick nod and a knowing look that confirmed that I was following the right couple ;)  

After two loops around the ice rink, he stopped, turned, and got on one knee.  It didn't take long before I saw Kristen fervently shake her head yes as she looked at her gorgeous ring.

side note: I enjoyed sneaking around and taking "from the hip" shots way too much during all of this.  Proposals: my new jam.