Amazing Resource for Website Owners

I thought that after I made this website it would be complete.  And I would never have to teak it again.

hah.  If you run your own website, you know how ridiculous that statement is.  In a world of ever changing technology and needs, websites have to be quick to keep up with the latest trends.

man working from home

This week I came across an amazing resource that's super helpful for anyone who has their own website.  It's called Peek Users.  What you do is go to their website and give them a link to your business page/blog/website.  An anonymous person will then view and critique your website in a quick, five minute video.

The best part?  IT'S FREE!  And they will send you the video within an hour of submitting your page.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Here is the link to the video I received.  I want to share this with you because it was so helpful for me to see and hear someone go through my website!  I hope it's just as helpful for you!  Get your own video here: Peek User Testing