Shaking it off

I don't know about you, but I felt myself breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning.

*It's February!* 

Honestly though, with no celebrations, frigid weather, and trying to maintain those new year's resolutions, January can feel pretty daunting. And depressing.  And just all together, not very fun.  So, to get me through the shlump (is that even a word?) of the month, I took time to list what I was thankful for and to relished in creativity.  My list of thankfulness included things like:

--heating pads   --warm blankets  --the endless shows on Netflix  --creative + inspiriting people

I'm still endlessly thankful for all those things (especially the ones that keep me warm!).  And now, as we move into THE MONTH OF LOVE I'm going to celebrate and sing "Shake it Off!" by T Swift and enjoy the fact that we are one month closer to summer!

shake it off

Shake it off, friends.  And welcome to February :)