Decker's Birth: Mountain Midwifery Center Photographer

There are so many moments during birth that are so entirely beautiful.  The love and tenderness that is shown by the mom and dad.  The supporting staff that rallies behind them.  The families that text/email/call to show their support.

All the moments.  All the pain.  It builds and builds and builds.

Until that one moment comes.  And their lives are changed forever.  The moment that will take their breath away.  When they can finally see what all this anticipation and build up was for.

Their baby.  

They finally get to see what they look like.  They can feel the warmth of their skin.  They realize which features they got from dad and which ones are from mom.  And they get to love and learn about this little one for the rest of their lives.

The start of parenthood.  And the start of a new life.

I've cried at every birth I've photographed.  Every single one.  It is the most miraculous thing you will ever witness.  And every time my mind is completely blown.  The love between the husband and wife is so tangible in these moments. 

Women are so strong.  So beautiful.  And so determined.  

Out of all the things I've photographed, this has to be the most powerful, beautiful and raw.