The Easiest Holiday Drink (that your friends will love!)

True story:

Drew and I met at a Friendsgiving party.  His first memory of me was seeing me fill up a mug of spiked cider and hearing my laugh echo through the house.  Haha not much has changed since then!  

As the holidays approach (starting with Halloween tomorrow!), I was searching for a good holiday beverage.  You know, the kind that's a crowd favorite but also a no brainer?  Well, this year we have been thoroughly addicted to Trader Joe's.  It's our go-to (mostly because of the free samples!).  A few days ago they were sampling this Spiced Cider and we've been hooked ever since.  

So, here's me, sharing my secret holiday drink with you:


Warm in a mug, or chilled over ice.  Either way, equally delicious. 

"Mount Gay" was all we drank on our honeymoon.  We saw this bottle and knew we had to get it.  However, I'm pretty confident any form of rum would be wonderful!

Cheers to the most lovely time of the year!