Brooke + Shawn - Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Nestled at the base of Mount Evans, the water at Echo Lake stands still and quiet.  The sun was casting a warm glow as it disappeared behind the surrounding mountains. As we started the shoot, the temperature was warm with a light mountain breeze. 

We walked around the lake as Brooke and Shawn shared their story with me.  Brooke's sister introduced them to each other and they instantly hit it off.  It wasn't long before they knew they were meant for each other.  Shawn being the engineer and Brooke being the personal trainer, they have the trifecta of brains, bronze and beauty.  

They wanted pictures of them together, capturing this love they share, but they also wanted to document something else...

...they have a little one on the way!

You both are so delightful to be around.  The love and joy you share is so refreshing.  So happy for you and this new adventure you're on together.  Congrats!