Jenna + Beau - Four Mile Historic Park Wedding

They initially met through a mutual friend.  As they got to know each other, parts of them opened up.  It was not always easy, but their hearts found each other and they knew they wanted to form this new family together.

When Jenna first described what their wedding would be like she said:

The whole concept behind our wedding is simplicity and just throwing a huge bash that everyone will remember and enjoy! We're bbq'ing a pig over the spit for both ambience and practicality of feeding people! We don't want a lot of stress and are keeping it as simple as possible. After all, it's a marriage we're celebrating, not the wedding itself!

And that is exactly what this day was like.  It was filled with joyful hearts, genuine laughter, and so many kiddos dancing.  A huge party to celebrate this love.  This marriage between two of the most kind-hearted souls you will ever meet.

We met at Four Mile Historic Park to take some pictures, went to Saint Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church for the ceremony, and then returned to the park and enjoyed the evening of dancing and BBQing.

One of my absolute favorite things is hearing back from my brides when they get these images.  Here's what Jenna texted me:

Brooke, these photos are absolutely amazing.  I will sing your praises to everyone I meet :-)  Thank you!  What an incredible gift you've been!