Beating the End-of-Summer Blues

It's so easy to get into ruts.  To feel stuck in the mundane of life.

But, this weekend is a holiday.  It's time to change that.  This weekend, I urge you to get out and enjoy your Labor Day weekend by trying something new!  It's the best cure for those end-of-summer-blues.

Drew and I did this a couple weekends back by learning to fly fish.  *disclaimer: I had no idea what I was doing*  But it was a total blast to get out of our "norm" and try our hand at something new.

colorado fly fishing picture

We picked up our fishing license, and this yellow guy, at Rocky Mountain Outfitters in Estes Park.  They were super knowledgable and helpful (their expertise was really needed!).

colorado mountain wedding

We set up on the Colorado river (right next to our campsite!) in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Absolutely stunning views all around.

colorado outdoor wedding photographer

New adventures are always made sweeter by bringing friends along :)  We met up with three friends as we started casting our lines. 

colorado outdoor photographer fly fishing

It truly is an art.

colorado river fly fishing
colorado outdoor wedding photographer

Fishing made me slow down.  Like...really slow down, and take time to appreciate all the beauty around me.  Which, if I'm being honest, I'm not great at.  I'm not good about taking a moment in silence so that I can just think and be.  But man, it is so refreshing and so needed.

colorado outdoor photographer

And, woah, sometimes you're lucky and actually catch a fish in the process!  Haha Kelli was so amped up about this little guy.  I mean, let's be honest, we all were super pumped! ;)

colorado fly fishing

Look how gorgeous and teeny tiny he is!

It's so refreshing and exciting to get out there and stretch yourself.  To try something new.  

So, that's what I encourage you to do.  Go enjoy these last moments of summer with like-minded people.  Take some time to relax and reboot.  And, who knows, maybe you'll find yourself fly fishing in the middle of nowhere!